Sorry everyone if I’ve been particularly cranky lately

We’ve had quite a few Murphy moments here of late; nothing major but enough to set us back in both $$$ and schedule. And we’ve been making some hard choices with the biz, which has me annoyed at the folks who bicker with me about how much food ‘should’ cost. We’re cutting costs as much as we can without cutting corners. But that just isn’t enough for some folks who want the best quality at bargain basement pricing. So let’s just say I saw that comment and went into vent mode. Not my finest moment.

The good news is we are making good progress on raising our own feed. We won’t be there 100% this year, but hopefully next year. And yes, that will help dramatically with keeping our costs down. In that sense we’ll be master of our own ship, rather than going wherever the market pulls us. Towards that goal of feed independence, we might have found a combine that will work for us. It needs a heck of a lot of work to make it field ready (don’t they all), but it’s nearby and at a price we can afford. Jan, that combine I emailed you about? It was sold less than 48 hours later. Bummer. I emailed you but never heard back so I’m not sure if you got that email update or not. See, folks, I was conspiring with Jan offlist to get a combine down in OK, then store it at her place while we raised money to have it shipped up here. She wanted me to come get it so we could finally meet. Sorry that won’t happen; at least not for that particular piece of equipment. But you never know what piece of gotta-have equipment may show up on our radar next time…

Anyway, I’m having my late afternoon tea, after a day of good progress on several fronts. So life is OK at the moment. Thanks again Kimberly for soothing my ruffled feathers, and sorry everyone that I’ve been Miss Cranky lately.