Yes, I was joking and the whole world will never go vegetarian

But if it did, guess what, Farmers would grow the vegetables in demand. What happens when people start to boycott in mass food with High Fructose Corn Syrup? The corn lobby would freak out.

My wife buys the majority of our meat from some guy up near Amarillo that grass feeds. We pay 3x normal ‘grocery’ store prices for eggs, but they are much better. I now make my own peanut butter, and I just made Nutella for the first time and it came out great.

I don’t really care were my pork comes from, but I eat at Chipotle since they care about the little pigs. I do like the baby back ribs at Costco. I doubt they are raised free range.

At some point the Fish Lobby asked the Pope to throw them a bone, thus Fish Fridays for the Catholics. I think Los Angeles passed a silly law or decree about meatless Mondays. Well, how can you tell if one day I just happen to eat salads for lunch and dinner or if I planned it.

BTW, tonight I had leftover BBQ from a party. Ribs, sausage, turkey and think fajita meat. (small portions of each, but I am full).

Yes, Farmers and others have to pass costs onto the consumer. But at some point the consumer will balk at paying high prices for meat. Can I live without steak? Yes, but I like it. I eat more chicken than any other meat. I have steak maybe once every two months, maybe less.