Could really use some prayers on our behalf…

DH had a really positive job interview on Thursday which would be relatively local, and another good one at the Rival Firm (to his prev employer) on Wednesday, but that one would likely involve moving to northern California and they won’t get back to him with a yay or nay until the first or second week of July.

He’s more interested in the local one, even though it wouldn’t pay as well, since it wouldn’t involve travel (it’s a long story.) It would however, involve a 75 mile a day commute. They already told him they were going to make him an offer on Monday, but that it wouldn’t be what he was making at his old firm. We are really hoping and praying that it is at least $75k, since the gas costs alone in the commute are going to be steep. He’ll have to take the truck, because the Saturn just will not make that kind of daily commute.

THEN…we went to dinner tonight at the friend of ours whose dogs we dog sit…she’s already done so much for us. Her vehicle was ‘dying’ (it needs new bearings) and she’s leaving for Tahoe in a few days, so she was thinking about getting a new car this weekend. When we pulled alongside her house, her car was in the driveway, so I figured she decided against a new one.

Nooooo….the NEW car is in the garage. I said, what, they wouldn’t take this car in on a trade? She said they would only give her $1500 in trade in since that’s what it would cost the dealership to repair the bearings (allegedly). So since she would basically be giving the car away, she figured she’d get the bearings repaired and then donate the car.

I thought, wow, this Corolla is in pretty good shape, and even if it costs $1500 to get it fixed, it would be a perfect commuter car for DH.

So I’m like, I’LL pay to have the bearings done if you want to donate it to a worthy cause like our family ! 🙂 She said, are you serious? I’m like, I am if you are. She’s like, ok, i’ll check out a couple of local mechanics and see how low I can get the work done for.

So we could REALLY use some prayers on our behalf for this car too..

AND DID I MENTION that ONLY THEN did I see it is A PRIUS sedan ????

Granted, it is an older one which “only” gets 43 miles/gallon in the city…but 2 gallons a day in a commute is a HECK of a lot better than nearly a half a tank. HOLY MOLY.