I am almost 100% sure that Jeff is just joking

He’s a man who loves a good meal (he’s told me about some of the wonderful meals he and his wife have enjoyed both stateside and in Europe), and is willing to pay for it (and for the experience). I’ll also add that he and his wife are debt free, so they have the means to pay for what to them is a memorable meal that others may balk at paying for. It’s a source of enjoyment for the two of them, and they are able to easily pay for their wonderful meals. I’m quite confident his comment was not to be taken in a negative manner. Kimberly

btw, the local farmer I buy my meat from grows his own feed. He leases land to do this. I know it has allowed him to keep his costs more in line. I wish this was something you could do as well; I’m sure it makes a world of difference in your profit line.