It’s thanks to all your comments that I’m actually starting to put together a Plan B

I was stuck for awhile in “what can’t we do” mode, and your various emails today got me thinking in terms of “what CAN we do?” instead. Here’s what we CAN do:

1) take a day off from DH’s job and drive out together, so that my concerns about going alone are laid to rest

2) take DH’s truck instead of mine, so that my concerns about my truck making it, are laid to rest

3) look this beast over in person, rather than having someone else do it for us (which we were having trouble lining up)

4) having cash in hand, ready to go, which either the seller would accept, or he wouldn’t. As my dad has always told me, it’s easy to turn down Monopoly money (ie, a promise to pay). It’s a whole ‘nuther thing to wave Ben Franklins around under someone’s nose, and tell them “this is all there is. Take it, or leave it.” I suspect DR would heartily echo that sentiment, and I believe he spoke about that a while in FPU. While cash is a great way for the spender to keep spending contained, it’s also a powerful motivator for the seller to be more cooperative.

5) and yes, Cindy, you’re absolutely right. If this is so important to our business (and it would be a fundamental part of our harvest plans) then it deserves some in-person time and attention. Kick those tires!

So now the Plan B is to sit down with DH, figure out when we can drive out there together, look this thing over, offer the man cash, and then drive home either with a whole lot of pics and a receipt, or our money still folded over in our pockets. Arranging delivery after that personal inspection and on-the-spot payment would be a much easier thing to arrange than trying to do it remotely. So now, the only two things to decide are: how high do we care to go, price-wise, and how soon can we get out there? Those are do-able items. Thanks, everyone, for getting me out of the “what can’t we do” mode. I’ll keep y’all posted.