Ok, as you know we are gazelle intense right now

I just got contacted by a friend who asked if I still had my big Sportsman incubator and egg trays. He’s looking for a used one. I do.
The new models of this unit run $650-$700 and up depending on where you get them with a solid door or with a narrow window.
The full acrylic door for them new are listed anywhere for $50-$100
Egg trays a six pack of the chicken/quail size run around $50-$60 new, goose size are generally in a 4 pack for that price.
All of these prices would be plus shipping and we are talking something bigger than an excaliber dehydrator. It’s roughly 3 foot tall and over an egg carton wide. They weight around 30 pounds.
Mine is an older model with an acrylic door, and I have somewhere between 20 and 30 egg trays of all sizes. It currently needs a minor repair—dh is going to look at it tonight to see if it even needs a part, or if it is just a chewed wire.
The gentleman interested in it said he would buy any needed parts and repair it himself if parts were needed.
So say it doesn’t need a part (price would need to be adjusted if it did) what would you sell the lot for? I could deliver it on my way into Tulsa because he lives between me and Tulsa, so he’d be saving shipping right there.