Stupid internet

It just lost my initial response to this. Basically, I wanted you to know that I cannot fathom anyone who is going to argue with you on the fact that your pricing has increased. Any moron who looks at the meat at their local grocery store can’t help but notice that the price of meat has sky rocketed. It’s not even affordable to buy a grocer’s steaks any longer, plus, that meat is crap. It has to be exhausting dealing with complaining customers. I’m sorry. I hope things work out for you as far as your being able to grow your own feed. I think it would be a win/win for you in so many ways: you control what your animals ingest, plus, you keep your feed expenses down since you’re growing your own, but, it’s just one more job for you, and you have to be exhausted, Kathryn. You’re definitely allowed to be cranky and a bit put out, but again, I’m quite certain Jeff’s comment was simply in jest (hey, I thought he was funny!). So, I’m curious, aside from the hogs, you’re also selling beef? I guess I missed this some where along the line. Are you selling chickens as well? If indeed you are doing all this, how in the world are you pulling this off? Truly? You must have the biggest biceps ever, and you must exist merely on a couple of hours of sleep as well as your beloved tea. If you’re growing crops as well, I have no clue as to how you can do all of this work singlehandedly. Have you hired an employee to give you a hand?