Well duh, as if we didn’t already know that

This was one of the first news stories I saw today. They were talking to a chef on other meats to grill this summer than beef steak, with a small bit on cutting your meats from larger pieces.
Of course that brought to mind the various discussions we have had on the lists about the drought and how it would drive meat prices up. On some lists we’ve discussed raising our own meat—which in itself is not cheap to do. In fact on the NewOkiePioneers list there was a recent how to discussion on butchering. But not everyone has the ability to raise their own meat or they aren’t up to butchering a whole cow, so how to save on meat?
This reminded me of a small book I have in my personal library, a book I have often recommended to people and decided it was time to mention it again. John Smith wrote the book “Confessions of a Butvcher, eat Steak on a Hamburger Budget and Save $$$”. This is a book I think everyone who lives on a budget should read.
While I have the land to raise meat on I am a soft hearted soul and can’t bring myself to butcher anything I name, and I name all critters (and equipment). So learning to cut meats myself from large chunk purchases was the best option for me. From one large pork loin I get: two small pork loin roasts, boneless pork chops, boneless pork ribs, and pork for stir fry. Roasts turn into steaks, stew meat and more. Sometimes purchasing a roast and grinding it is cheaper. There are a lot of ideas in this book and I bet some of you have some good suggestions too.