You know, Julian is alluding to some things I was thinking about

I take it this is a lot more than “walking around” money for this piece of equipment. Being a business owner myself, if I were spending a large amount of money on a piece of equipment, I’d have to make arrangements to go see it in person, kick the tires, take it for a test spin–or whatever you do with a combine. Just to make sure that what I see in pics is in fact reality.

The thought came to mind, what if he sent you and 20 other people the same photos? How do you know it’s not sold already? I guess that suspicion that Sharon mentioned is coming out.

Anyway, even if it mean getting a rental vehicle and a motel room, I’d have to go look at it in person before any money is sent. Yes a rental and an overnight stay are an expense, but it might save you $1000’s in the long run. It would allow you time to carefully look over the equipment, negotiate a deal and begin making moving arrangements.